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Altitude: 317 m asl
Surface: 30.4 km2


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A little bit of history

Codrongianos (Codronzanu in Sardinian; mistakenly known also as Codrongianus) is an Italian town of 1306 inhabitants in the province of Sassari. The remains of about 57 nuraghe (tn* large megalithic, tower-shaped, prehistoric stone structures found in Sardinia, dating from the second millennium BC to the Roman conquest) prove that the territory of Codrongianos was densely populated inhabited since the 2nd millennium BC, during the Bronze Age. The town is rich in culture, places of historical interest and cultural activities. Codrongianos is located among the hills of Logudoro (tn* meaning “Land of gold”, it is an area in the northern part of Sardinia), at an altitude of three hundred metres above sea level. Five kilometres away from the town’s residential area you can see, in the midst of the countryside, the tall dark bell tower of the church of Saccargia, built during the first decades of the 12th century AD by the Camaldolese monks. Its construction is enveloped in a legend. It is a visit that will remain in your heart, ideally on the Sunday after Pentecost, when the festivity of the Holy Trinity of Saccargia takes place, Codrongianos’s main festival. You’ll find a great procession, religious rites, entertainment, dances, poetry contests, folk music and food tasting.