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Altitude: 427 m asl
Surface: 96.27 km2


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A little bit of history

Ploaghe, Piaghe in Sardinian, is an Italian town of 4,411 inhabitants in the province of Sassari, Sardinia. It’s a lovely little village that offers a wide landscape of cultural richness, such as churches, archaeological sites and monuments of artistic interest, that make up an important heritage. The city was once see of the diocese from 1090 to 1503 and the church of Saint Peter represents a precious remnant of that period. Ploaghe also has an exceptional art gallery: the collection represents the biggest legacy of the illustrious Canon Giovanni Spano, born in Ploaghe, who donated his personal picture gallery to the town.
Ploaghe is known on the island for the presence of its “Camposanto Vecchio” (tn* Old Cemetery) with gravestones written in ancient Logudorese, (Sardinian language). It is the most ancient monumental cemetery on the island. The historic centre displays signs of its glorious past. The parish of Saint Peter the Apostle overlooks the central square, the ancient cemetery and the Spano art gallery. In August, the ceremony of the Candelieri is celebrated (tn*candelieri are big votive candles carried around town by traditional Guilds). A commemorative event, bringing together pagan and Christian rites, including moments of celebration, colours and prayer.