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Altitude: 200 m asl
Surface: 30.68 km2


Tel. 0793817000

A little bit of history

Usini (Ùsini, in Sardinian) is an Italian town of 4239 inhabitants in the province of Sassari, Sardinia, located in the historic sub-region of Coros, Logudoro. Between Logudoro and Nurra, surrounded by hills cultivated with olive groves, vineyards and artichokes. The town surrounds the historic centre and its population is very hospitable. Thanks to its wine producers, it has become a city of wine: its Vermentino wine is very fine and has been awarded international recognition. Delicious bread is baked in wood-burning ovens, and there is traditional food, such as the typical sweets sos germinos, sos biscottos tostos and sas trabeas. In July there is Andarinos, a fresh pasta festival. Here one can rediscover traditional values, customs and tastes: beautiful costumes, music, songs and dances are features of the international festival “Folklore” in August.