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Altitude: 267 m asl
Surface: 53.1 km2


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A little bit of history

Putifigari (Potuvìgari in Sardinian) is an Italian town of 687 inhabitants, in the province of Sassari. The village is located inland from Alghero, 20 km from Alghero and 27 km from Sassari. It sits upon a small hill, surrounded by other quite low hills, with an extraordinary view stretching out to the sea. Fields of vineyards cover the landscape, making it picturesque. The village is in an area that contains fascinating Pre-nuragic architecture (tn* Sardinian prehistory dating back from 4000 to 3000 BC, from the Palaeolithic to the middle Bronze Age). Putifigari is an agropastoral centre: its territory has been inhabited ever since the Neolithic age, as proven by an exceptional monument: the necropolis of Mount Siseri. The monument dates back to 3200-2600 BC and is made of four doums de janas carved into a rock formation of pink tuff (tn*domus de janas are Neolithic tombs carved into rock called “houses of the fairies” in Sardinian). The tomb called “Domu de S’Incantu” stands out, also called “tomb with painted architecture”, one of the most magnificent domus of the island. In July, the Accordion Festival brings players together from all over the island, while the Sheep Country Festival is an opportunity for breeders to meet and offer traditional food tasting. In August, during the Myrtle Festival, there are ethnographic exhibits with models of agropastoral domestic settings. In November, the Mycological Show of the “Capo di Sopra”, meaning “Upper Part” or “Northern Part” of the island, is a must for nature lovers and people who are passionate about mushrooms and officinal herbs.