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Altitude: 417 m asl
Surface: 36.06 km2


Tel. 079 438005

A little bit of history

Florinas (Fiolinas in Sardinian, Fiorinas in Sassarese) is an Italian town of 1506 inhabitants in the province of Sassari. It lies in the valley of Codrongianos, in an area mainly covered by hills. The etymology of the name is tied to the Latin word Figulinas, the name of the mountain that protects the town and toponym referring to a place specialised in pottery. Florinas is an archaeological park, rich in ancient nuragic evidence, and surrounded by a fairy tale landscape: about ten domus de janas (tn* Neolithic tombs carved into rock called “houses of the fairies”), about thirty nuraghe (tn* large megalithic, tower-shaped, prehistoric stone structures found in Sardinia, dating from the second millennium BC to the Roman conquest), and “Tombs of the Giants” (tn* a type of Sardinian megalithic communal gallery grave built during the Bronze Age by the Nuragic civilization). Today “Figulinas Festival” is the main attraction of the town, an evocative and important international folk festival that brings together folk groups from all over the world. Besides the “Figulinas Festival”, another event enriches the cultural calendar: “Florinas in Giallo” (Festival in “Yellow”: tn* the colour historically used by a famous publisher for the covers of detective stories), a literary festival dedicated to lovers of detective crime stories.