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Altitude: 250 m asl
Surface: 10.3 km2


Tel. 079 388 8000

A little bit of history

Tissi is an Italian town of 2,351 inhabitants in the province of Sassari. The village is less than eight kilometres from Sassari in a straight line (and 9.5 kilometres on the provincial road 115/M Sassari-Ittiri). The territory has an area of about 1000 hectares on a limestone upland, cut through both north and south by deep and fertile valleys where several rivers flow, such as Rio Mannu, and the most important Rio Mascari. Its territory is mainly hilly at 235 metres above sea level, where numerous vineyards are cultivated. Delicious grapes are harvested from which fine and rare wines are obtained, unique because of their quality and prestige. Additionally, there are olive groves that produce oil of excellent quality. Tissi has a population of very old origins as proved by the discovery in the territory of mosaics, basins, canals, earthenware jars, Punic and Roman coins, burials full of bones, probably belonging to members of the same family, and other objects such as oil lamps, bowls and vases.