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Altitude: 322 m asl
Surface: 30.1 km2


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A little bit of history

Ossi (Ossi in Sardinian) is an Italian town of 5,437 inhabitants in the province of Sassari, located in the region of Logudoro and in the region historically named Coros. The town is located on limestone hills and overlooks the deep valley of the river Rio Mascari that separates the town from the plateau where Sassari is located. In this valley there is a railway and road SS131 to which Ossi is connected. Other provincial and state roads connect the town to the nearby towns of Tissi, Muros and Ittiri. Over the centuries, Ossi has kept its panoramic identity: the town’s economy is mainly dependent on agriculture: the fields, today cultivated mostly with olive groves and vineyards, demonstrate a fertile territory, wet by the rivers Riu Nadde and Riu Pizzinnu and fresh springs. Ossi has unique features: starting from its traditional costume to the ancient ruins of the past. Cradle of civilisation in the territory of Ossi there are many domus de janas (tn* Neolithic tombs carved into rock called “houses of the fairies”). The headquarters of the Union of the Towns of Coros is located in the town, a public organisation that administers functions and plans shared activities in the twelve towns that are part of the territory of Coros.