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Altitude: 305 m asl
Surface: 11.2 km2


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A little bit of history

Muros (Muros in Sardinian) is an Italian town of 819 inhabitants in the province of Sassari. Original and virtuous, it is surrounded by an evocative natural environment. Vertical rock walls, lush on one side, barren on the other, face plains traversed by rivers, in an area with specific geological characteristics and associated plant varieties. Muros is found at the margins of the territory of Coros (north of Logudoro), at the base of mount Canechervu. From the meadows to the forests of Downy oak in Rocca Ruja and Oak trees on mount Tudurighe, where we find the woods named Sa Crabola, and a vast Holm oak forest called Badde Olia. Along the river Mascari there are also green poplars, ash trees and willows. In spring the broom shrubs illuminate the slopes of Frundas. It is a jubilation of colours, scents, paths and poetry. The village dates back to the Middle Ages, when there used to be three villages: Muros, Irbosa – a Roman settlement, and the village surrounding the bygone church of Saint George. The parish church in the centre of the town, is dedicated to the Saints Gavinus, Protus and Januarius, and safeguards an altarpiece of the three Holy Martyrs of Porto Torres. Another characteristic feature of the village is the 19th century public well and the Aragonese and feudal buildings of the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. Muros is a centre of traditions as proven by its costumes, bread and sweets made for the holidays.