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Altitude: 400 m asl
Surface: 111.6 km2


Tel. 079 445200

A little bit of history

Ittiri rises above Logudoro, a region of Coros, in the province of Sassari, south-east of the administrative centre; the town’s territory covers 111.56 km2 and shares borders with Usini and Ossi to the north; Uri to the north-west and Florinas to the north-east; Romana to the south; Banari, Bessude and Thiesi to the south-east; Villanova Monteleone and Putifigari to the south-west. It is 18 km from Sassari, 28 from Alghero and 36 from Porto Torres. Ittiri is located on a plateau 450 metres above sea level, of mainly trachyte and basalt rock. It is rugged, with hills and valleys used for farming. With productive mounts and hills, Ittiri is known as the land of the olive trees, in fact it is among the “Città dell’Olio”, the so called “Olive Towns”. It is a town of hard working people, agricultural excellence, tourist attractions and lovely youth.