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The little genuine village of Cargeghe preserves a significant part of the history of its town as with Su campusantu Etzu, the first cemetery of the town, today a place for the community’s cultural and social gatherings, located in the highest part of the village, near the parish church. This location has been subjected to renovation by part of the town’s administration because, after the construction of the new cemetery, it had lost its function and had been left in a state of abandonment. Thanks to the Administration’s project, it was possible to preserve its historical value and make urgent architectural repairs by restoring, preserving and bringing the still existing original elements to light, such as the entrance arch made in stone, the wrought iron gate, and part of the perimeter walls. The objective was to give this place a new function, that is, make it a place for cultural and social events.

Cargeghe’s first civilian cemetery was opened on 25thApril 1858, substituting the old burial places historically used near or inside the two town churches. Before that date, the dead were buried in two other cemeteries located inside the village, respectively called “su cimitoriu”, or “su cimitoriu de Santu Quìrigu”, which has been mentioned in the registers since the 16th century, located near the parish church, and “cemeterio Sancte Crucis”, of a later period, located near the oratory of the Holy Cross (Santa Croce), probably created as a burial place for the members of the local religious brotherhood. Instead, the nobility of the village were buried inside the parish church, at the feet of the chapels dedicated to their patron saints. Today, thanks to a project of urban renewal, initiated by the former Town Council, this location has become a place for many cultural and social events that attract many citizens and enthusiasts.