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Via ferrata or ‘Iron path’ of Giorrè

The vie ferrate, or iron paths, have become a destination for more and more refined, nature and sports loving tourists. They represent a way of living in total symbiosis with nature. By following these paths you can climb a limestone cliff or a panoramic rock, as in the case of Giorrè, in the town of Cargeghe. In a marvellous and multi-coloured land such as Sardinia, it is impossible not to be fascinated by the vie ferrate, the so called ‘iron paths’. This is a Sardinia to experience, fastened safely, dominating impressive heights, overlooking valleys and plains. In this case we are in Logudoro (tn* meaning “Land of gold”, it is an area in the northern part of Sardinia). In Sardinia there are ten via ferrate, or ‘iron paths’ at the moment, but only eight are accessible, located from the North to the South of the island. The path is fixed onto wild and evocative rock walls, with a complex series of intersecting ledges: some are easily walkable, others are particularly exposed and steep. Installed at the beginning of 2013, this via ferrata, or ‘iron path’ takes climbers across the north face of the homonymous rock walls. The path is two and a half kilometres long, as a round trip; six hundred metres are fitted by steel cables and make up the actual via ferrata, or ‘iron path’. Although the path itself extends over cliffs of low altitude and is at short distance from the town centre, one should not underestimate the difficulty of some of its sections. It is advisable to follow it with qualified people. The view from above is incredible. The plains are lush, and the colours are typical of Sardinia: different shades of green, yellow and hazel are covered by clouds of cream. The landscape, especially in spring, explodes in all its liveliness and fragrance. The residential area of Cargeghe can be reached from the junction at 201 kilometres along Road 131. Once you have reached and passed the town of Cargeghe, continue towards Florinas and turn into country road n. 3 after the last building, after a few hundred metres, turn right into a narrow and windy but cemented street, with the sign: “Giorrè”. (Follow the road, going straight through all crossroads, until the end of the cemented part. You are here in the heart of Magòla. You will come to a clearing with two drinking troughs. Park your car along the dirt road above the drinking troughs and continue on foot, until you see another dirt road on the right. Here you will find the wooden signs, welcoming you to the iron path. After you have walked down this first rough part of the route, the path direction is indicated with piles of stones, changing to sign panels at a higher elevation. From that point on, you will go through a Holm oak grove beyond which you will get to the equipped area. The walk lasts less than ten minutes.